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October 8, 2023

Blakely X Perfit

Another day, another workout. Our recent Blakely X Perfit fitness event in Norwich took the Blakely team through their paces under the instruction of the Perfit gym who are well known for their high-energy workouts. It did not disappoint. Read on to find out more about our day and how you can get involved.

This collaboration between Blakely and Perfit was an exceptional event that seamlessly blended fitness and fashion. We had the opportunity to test our our newest collection, The Training Club (due to launch this AW23) in a real life situation. This sweat-proof collection has been carefully designed and created to keep you comfy throughout your workout and we can assure you, they were thoroughly tested!

Along with a free goodie bag, this was an excellent opportunity for some of the Perfit fitness enthusiasts to upgrade their activewear collection with Blakely products. From supportive sports bras to comfortable leggings and not forgetting our Isabel Jumpers. and Hoodies, Blakely's top-selling items were available for purchase, allowing every attendee to take a piece of the event home with them.

But, what's a workout without a treat? So to top it all off, we finished the day with mouth watering loaded fries from our local favourite, Fat Ted's.  

Keep an eye out for future Blakely Fitness events near you by signing up to our newsletter and if you're looking for a new gym with a friendly, competative team head over to Perfit Fitness...

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