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Behind the Blakely logo

Behind the Blakely logo

A logo is such an important aspect of a brand, providing a solid foundation to communicate ownership, quality and values. It evokes a feeling of connection between the brand and its consumers.

We spoke to our founder, Gareth Newman, and the product design team to dig deep into the thought processes behind the Blakley logo and how it has evolved over time.

Let’s take a look at what we discovered.

The first one is about the development and the origins of the Blakely Logo:
What is the meaning and Inspiration behind it?
What does it reflect?

Our original 325 logo reflects a modern and timeless approach. With this logo we want to achieve a recognisable brand that in turn resembles the lifestyle that we as a team embrace/embody. Our drive to experience life to the full.





Thought processes behind the design?

At the time, Gareth wanted to achieve a timeless and recognisable logo. Over the years we’ve seen several versions and typefaces of Blakely, we love the variation but ultimately there is always one of that we return and refer to, which is the original 325. This particular logo demonstrates a modern and timeless approach. With a sans-serif typeface it is rare to date and we felt this was true to our brand’s ambitions going forward.


How it has developed over time and the reasons behind this development?

Overtime you will see this logo evolve slightly just like other timeless brands. You’ll notice slight tweaks to the individual letters and spacing, with other versions designed, the decision ultimately comes down to a collective gut instinct.


What do you want people to feel when they wear the Blakely Logo?

I think as a team, when we wear Blakely we are proud to wear it, we feel part of a movement. Day-to-day we are fortunate enough to see what each of us can do and achieve whether thats considered very little or big - it’s relevant. So when we think of our customer we would love them for them to also experience this, when they put on Blakely not only do they feel a part of our team but also empowered to achieve whatever it is on that day they want to accomplish.

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